Advantages and Disadvantages of Waist Training

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If you follow pop culture then you have probably heard of waist training. It is defined as the process of wearing a corset also known as a waist shaper to over time to decrease the size of your waist. It is a somewhat controversial means of reducing the size of your waist as it has been linked to some health concerns.


· A smaller waist and hourglass figure
The hour glass figure is what most women are after thus the popularity of waist training. This form of training has been liked to reducing the size of your waist by several sizes. Good cinchers have been known to work with your figure to provide you with a small and natural looking figure.

· Posture and back support
A cincher or corset has metal bones which make it almost impossible to slouch, providing you with excellent posture every time you wear one. Back support helps to provide good posture which is due to the clinching and binding effect of the training. This also helps to heal and eliminate any back pain.

· Increased sweating
Wearing a cincher during workouts help to facilitate an increased rate of sweating which helps in weight loss and toning up abdominal and back muscles due to its closed nature.

· Tightening skin
The skin in the abdomen and back is often loose as the most people pack in weight in these areas. Tightening the skin in these areas will help provide a more toned and smooth appearance. The waist training will ensure you look more youthful and energetic.

· Abdominal support
The “jelly belly” is something that a vast majority of people have and would like to get rid of. A cincher will help you get rid of this and gives you a toned, smooth appearance and feel to your abdomen.


· Muscle weakness and atrophy
We all want the perfect waistline as quick as possible. Moderation is especially essential when using a cincher as you need to gradually build up the length of time you wear your waist shaper in a day and how tight it is. Constantly wearing your waist shaper for extended periods of time when it is too tight could weaken your muscles and atrophy them.

· Problems with breathing
Wearing your cincher too tight can constrict your diaphragm limiting your capability to breath this is why you are advice to tighten your waist shaper to a comfortable level at all times.

· Reshaping bones
A waist shaper has the capability to reshape your bones when worn the wrong way that is too tight. That is why comfort is key when it comes to wearing one.


Waist training can be a less involving way to get an hour glass figure. The disadvantages of using one are mainly a result of using the cincher in correctly. It is advised to always wear a cincher comfortably and for a limited amount of time each day. You should also never wear a cincher at night or while eating.