Should men use waist training corsets?


For a long period it has been considered for women and not men. The big question we ask today is, should men use waist trainers? According to the research based around it and from the whole experience of their usage, it is not a yes or no question that one will stand and decide whether men are advised to use waist training corsets. This is due to the outcome that has been seen at different stages from different users. It has both the advantages and the disadvantages so before one starts using waist training corsets it is important to take a keen reflection on the possible outcomes.

Getting a good shape is not only in the women’s agenda, it is also seen in men. They are now designed to be used by different gender. There are few corsets meant for men though the brand is quickly taking shape and many men are developing interest in the usage. They also have the hooks attached to them and so one can simply adjust to make it fit well .In case of downsize you do not need to buy a new one.

To achieve a beach body in a faster and more convenient way, a waist training corset takes the front line. It does not work a lone but it is advisable that you should exercise enough and eat healthy. It may not give the result of great shape instantly but will offer you support on your back when you are lifting heavy objects to improve your posture. This will help in the healing or the full elimination of the back pain.

Corsets can also increase the rate of sweating on men. At some point it can be a doctor’s advice that an individual should sweat so during work out, hence it can be of great help. This will help in reducing water weight which will eventually lead to weight loss. People who always sit in one posture especially in the office, waist training corset can be a turning point for the correction of your bad posture.

But as they give the results that many may enjoy some results may not be healthy. As the waist gains the cool shape, the intestine and the lungs on the other hand get displaced slowly by slowly. By displacing the lungs, liver and the intestine it may interfere with your ability to move easily and breathe well. It reduces the size of your lungs and this may lead to metabolism problem and constipation.

Since an individual must use it for a given period of time before the result can be seen, it can also interfere with your eating habit. At some point you have to put it on the whole day and night and eating while having the corset on may be a challenge.

Many have taken their stands in the usage of the cinchers in line with losing wait. With the advantages and disadvantages clearly outlined it will depend on the choice of an individual which way to go. Personally, when it comes to slimming and gaining of shape I recommend other ways and diet consideration due to health related issues around waist shapers.


Should Plus Size Women Consider Waist Training?

Statistics show that women eat healthier and exercise more than men do. That would explain why plus size womenwomen live 5 to 10 years longer than their male counterparts do on average. However, there is always room for a healthier lifestyle among women. For example, plus size women are some of the kindest people you will ever meet. They deserve respect and admiration for who they are and not just for how they look physically. They also deserve the benefits that come with waist training. Many of them ask, ‘Should plus size women consider waist training?’ Well, here is a perfect chance to answer that question definitely. First, it is important to examine what advantages this type of training has for plus size women.

You should know the benefits of waist training for plus-size women.

Trying to lose weight is not an easy task, but it is possible if you develop the right mind-set for it. A corset allows you to remember that you have a goal in mind i.e. you want to achieve a particular body shape. This trainer is a physical reminder so your mind will not veer off your objective. A trainer also allows you to eat only when you are hungry because it makes you feel satisfied. It is also useful for women who are trying to improve their posture.

Additionally, a waist trainer is a useful item for plus-size women because it offers them support especially when it comes to their back. It is important to note that additional weight adds pressure on a person’s body to support it. A corset is able to direct the pressure on the body naturally to achieve an even and balanced posture distributing the weight on your body evenly. Plus-size women will also enjoy these items because they help them regain their figure especially if they are shedding off their excess weight. It is a marvelous item for women in this category.

The caution you should take when using a waist trainer.

An overzealous attitude is dangerous in anything you do in life and waist training is not an exception. You should not tighten your trainer to a point where you cannot breather properly. Remember, you might squeeze your internal organs unnecessarily impeding their function. In this case, the trainer serves you no purpose. Instead, adjust it slowly as per your trainer’s instructions and those found on the manual. Never wear a waist trainer in such a way that it makes it difficult for you to breathe. It is important to note that this device cannot work in a vacuum. You should eat a balanced diet as per your nutritionist’s advice. You should also exercise regularly. In some cases, you can wear your waist trainer as you exercise as long as it does not interfere with your body adversely while you are exercising. A combination of these three things i.e. a good waist trainer, a good diet, and a regular exercise regime will do wonders for you.

Now you know the answer to the question, ‘Should plus size women consider waist training?’ It is good for them if they use the corset properly and combine with other things such as a balanced diet and regular exercises. Waist training will make plus-size women feel confident and liberated. They will get the shape they have always wanted quickly and without much hassle. If you are thinking about waist training then you now have your answer. Go on. Try it out today.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Waist Training

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If you follow pop culture then you have probably heard of waist training. It is defined as the process of wearing a corset also known as a waist shaper to over time to decrease the size of your waist. It is a somewhat controversial means of reducing the size of your waist as it has been linked to some health concerns.


· A smaller waist and hourglass figure
The hour glass figure is what most women are after thus the popularity of waist training. This form of training has been liked to reducing the size of your waist by several sizes. Good cinchers have been known to work with your figure to provide you with a small and natural looking figure.

· Posture and back support
A cincher or corset has metal bones which make it almost impossible to slouch, providing you with excellent posture every time you wear one. Back support helps to provide good posture which is due to the clinching and binding effect of the training. This also helps to heal and eliminate any back pain.

· Increased sweating
Wearing a cincher during workouts help to facilitate an increased rate of sweating which helps in weight loss and toning up abdominal and back muscles due to its closed nature.

· Tightening skin
The skin in the abdomen and back is often loose as the most people pack in weight in these areas. Tightening the skin in these areas will help provide a more toned and smooth appearance. The waist training will ensure you look more youthful and energetic.

· Abdominal support
The “jelly belly” is something that a vast majority of people have and would like to get rid of. A cincher will help you get rid of this and gives you a toned, smooth appearance and feel to your abdomen.


· Muscle weakness and atrophy
We all want the perfect waistline as quick as possible. Moderation is especially essential when using a cincher as you need to gradually build up the length of time you wear your waist shaper in a day and how tight it is. Constantly wearing your waist shaper for extended periods of time when it is too tight could weaken your muscles and atrophy them.

· Problems with breathing
Wearing your cincher too tight can constrict your diaphragm limiting your capability to breath this is why you are advice to tighten your waist shaper to a comfortable level at all times.

· Reshaping bones
A waist shaper has the capability to reshape your bones when worn the wrong way that is too tight. That is why comfort is key when it comes to wearing one.


Waist training can be a less involving way to get an hour glass figure. The disadvantages of using one are mainly a result of using the cincher in correctly. It is advised to always wear a cincher comfortably and for a limited amount of time each day. You should also never wear a cincher at night or while eating.

How to Choose a Waist Training Corset?

Ideally, a woman is looking for a custom made corset when she’s serious about waist training. It’s safetyworth mentioning that custom corsets can take anywhere between 15-50 hours labor, and range from around $400-$1000. However, you can also choose from a wide range of ready to wear corsets, which can work well considering the price tag. These corsets are an excellent way to learn how your body reacts and behaves to being in a corset. In this guide, we’ve given the best tips to choose a high quality corset for waist training.

Multiple Photos

It’s important to check as many photos of the corset as possible. You need to check the photos of the corset’s front, back and side. This helps you determine the curves and shape of the garment, and how it fits. You should be wary of sellers who list only a couple of photos, and keep the corset construction hidden.

Photos on a Model

While looking at photos, you should consider only the ones worn by a model. You should disregard photos worn by a mannequin or against a blank background. Such photos don’t help you figure out the right shape and fit of the garment. Not every woman has mannequin measurements.

High Quality Fabric

The most important part about buying a corset is that you should choose high quality fabric. The fabric of the corset should look smooth and sturdy. It shouldn’t appear flimsy with wrinkles or bumps in the panels. There shouldn’t be any lumpy or bulging seams.

Detailed Description

The seller should give a detailed description of every element of the corset. When you read a listing that doesn’t clearly provide important details, such as the type and number of steel bones, presence of waist type and fabric lining, you should look for something else. There should be sufficient information about corset construction.

Steel Busk and Bones

It’s important to look for a steel busk in the corset’s description. This helps the corset stand up to the pressure created by drawing in the waist. Steel busks are always stronger than hook and eye tape or zippers. These are metal hardware fasteners consisting of knobs and loops sewn inside your corset. They open and close the front of the corset.

According to experts, it’s a must for a waist trainer corset to have steel boning. Flat and spiral steel bones lay the foundation to a corset’s power to modify and reshape your body over a specific period of time. Spiral steel bones can also bend with your body. Plastic is never acceptable as it easily bends out of shape.

Waist Tape

Coutil or twill waist tape can help the corset withstand the excess pressure of reshaping your body. It can also prevent the seams from ripping apart easily. Waist tape can be easily hidden between two pieces of high quality fabric. It can also be visible.

Cotton Inner Lining

Last but not the least, you should always look for a corset with 100% cotton inner lining. It feels comfortable against the skin, and allows your corset to breathe. It can also provide the corset with stabilization by adding a layer of strength. This prevents your corset from stretching excessively.

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