What Is Waist Training

Waist training, also referred to as cinching is a gradual waist reduction process with the use of a waist training corsetlatex corset or cincher. This practice became more popular during the times of Victorian. It requires a lot of devotion and dedication, it is something that doesn’t just happen by simply wearing a cincher occasionally – it also needs time and maintenance.

For better result, it is recommended to wear a cincher, which cinches your waist for a certain period of time – not just a day, but as more often as possible. In fact, waist reshaping and reduction needs your discipline. The best outcome is usually achieved with the combination of using the right latex waist cincher, having regular exercises, a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water.

Basically, wearing your corset, eating a healthy diet and exercising can significantly reduce the size of your waist, giving you a very beautiful sexy silhouette while eliminating excess fat around your waist.

If these key factors are not effectively practiced as a gradual program to modify the shape of your body, results will definitely be harder and slower to achieve. Here are some important steps you should follow for effective waist training.

Starting Out

Your body must always become accustomed to the waist training’s constriction. You can possibly damage your garment at this point and never over train in your first few weeks of using the corset. Start by wearing your cincher 2 to 4 hours daily. Gradually, extend your daily training time by at least an hour or more until you are capable of wearing the waist training cincher throughout the whole day.

Wear the cincher on your first set of claps and once the garment worn-in, you can then start using the other set of claps to make the cincher tighter. With time, as your waist becomes smaller and gains shape, the cincher will become very comfortable and fitting. At this point, you should consider progressing to your next size down as the next step of your continued regime of waist reduction.


It is absolutely important and necessary to look after your cincher if you are really serious and determined about waist training. Over time, corsets tale too much punishment from daily cinching, but you can extend the garment life by simply taking some of these simple precautions:

• Alternate corsets – If you are determined to start waist training, it is important to have two or more corsets so that you can alternate them. Using a single waist training cincher throughout lowers its lifespan, hence its effectiveness.

• Always air dry your cincher after using it – Cinchers must be properly dried out by hanging it over something, but not near any heat source and also turning its lining to upper side.

• Cleaning – Never put your corsets in dryer. Just wash them in gentle cycle or hand wash in cold water.

In a nutshell, whether you are determined to reduce the size of your waist in the shortest time possible, or you are intended to embark on a gradual regime of waist-reduction, then it is very important and necessary to follow the right procedures to ensure you achieve your desired goals.